How to Clean Your Keurig Coffee Maker with Vinegar and a Toothbrush

By jeko011  |  Friday, March 13, 2015

Single-cup coffeemakers making use of covered cups such as the Keurig or Tassimo are popular for their ease of use and uniformity of brew however considering that they have more parts than a basic automatic-drip coffeemaker cleaning is more included. You can completely clean your single-cup coffeemaker making use of an old toothbrush and vinegar.

Clean Your Keurig Coffee Maker with Vinegar and a Toothbrush
The conventional Keurig coffeemaker has some dishwasher safe parts such as the water tank, however other parts should be cleaned by hand. Clean any white crusty accumulation (mineral deposits) with a touch of white vinegar.

Now you're going to run vinegar through the device to develop a descaling brew to get rid of mineral deposits in the internal operations of the coffee maker. Fill your water tank halfway with white vinegar and run a number of developing cycles without any K-cups to obtain rid of the vinegar and afterwards wash out the tank, fill with water, and run sufficient developing cycles to clear the water tank once more. This will certainly eliminate the vinegar-- you do not desire any remaining vinegar destroying your cuppa.

This regimen will certainly take around 15-20 minutes however you do not need to do it extremely commonly. I 'd state perhaps as soon as a period if you utilize the device everyday; less so if it's just utilized periodically. See also how to clean bunn coffee maker with vinegar

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