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How Much Electricity Does a Bunn Coffee Maker Use?

How Much Electricity Does a Bunn Coffee Maker Use

In comparison to other coffee brewers, Bunn coffee makers feature ready-to-use hot water. Bunn owners discover that their power consumption is lower than most people believe, adding between $2 and $4 to their monthly electric expenditure.

Learn why a Bunn coffee maker uses less energy than you believe and what you can do to reduce your home coffee brewer's energy use.

What Is The Concern With Bunn Coffee Makers And Electricity?

A Bunn coffee maker doesn't need to heat water every time you want a new cup of coffee; it always has water ready at the exact temperature.

In a restaurant, a regular drip coffee maker can make all the difference in keeping up with the morning rush. The Bunn coffee maker's quick brew time makes it popular among both business owners and home coffee drinkers.

Some coffee lovers worry that the Bunn coffee maker will raise their electric bill because it keeps hot water ready all day.

No such luck. Bunn coffee makers consume remarkably little energy and don't add much to the owner's power bill.

How Much Electricity Does a Bunn Coffee Maker Use?

For example, a 12-cup Bunn coffee machine uses more energy than a small 1-cup machine.

Home Bunn coffee makers typically use 1.1 kilowatts of electricity each day, adding $2 to $4 to monthly electric bills, for a total of $24 to $48 per year.

Testing Your Bunn's Energy Use

Want to know how much energy your Bunn coffee maker uses? It's easy to learn.

Amazon has the Kill-A-Watt electricity monitor. This little item plugs into the coffee maker's outlet. Then connect the Bunn to the Kill-A-Watt. Leave it on for 24 hours to see how much energy your Bunn uses daily.

How to Save Energy on Your Home Coffee Maker

No need to adjust anything if you're happy with your Bunn's power consumption. If you want to save power, disconnect your Bunn after you've made your coffee for the day.

You can re-plug the coffee machine before bedtime to ensure hot water for your morning coffee. To save even more electricity, turn off your Bunn's warming plate.


These coffee makers add less than $5 to monthly utility bills according to Bunn users who monitored their energy consumption with a Kill-A-Watt. You may save electricity by unplugging your Bunn coffee maker during the day or turning off the warming plate after brewing your coffee.