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How to Make Coffee in a 30-Cup Percolator

High-capacity 30 cups percolators will be the only approach to go when brewing coffee to get a crowd. All coffee percolators function around the very same principle, so there is consistency with brewing guidelines amongst brands. 

How much coffee for 30 cups

To make 30 cups of coffee, you'll need around 25-30 teaspoons, which corresponds to 1.5-2 cups or 12-15 scoops. If you prefer a stronger coffee, add that amount to the ratio of the coffee, and reduce the amount if you want a smoother taste.

Darker roasts tend to taste stronger than roasts that are lighter. This ratio can also be influenced by what type of coffee filter you are using. Start with 1.5 cups, if you're not sure how much coffee to use, and taste the resulting brew. If it tasted too weak or heavy for your liking, you should then change the next time accordingly.

Percolator Coffee Recipe: How to Make Coffee in a Large Percolator For 30 Cups

  • Remove the percolator's stem and percolator basket.
  • Add cold water on a 30-cup batch to the measuring line. This is the highest measurement line on a 30 cup percolator.
  • Place the stem in the hole in the bottom of the pot and slip over the perforated basket, and assemble your percolator.
  • Wet the basket floor and weigh 2 half cups of coffee or 1⁄2 pound in a basket. In a percolator, use ground coffee. Either you buy coffee that determines the grind of your percolator or you grind your favorite coffee by using the "percolator" on the grinder of the shop. Be sure you use a filter while using daily ground coffee.
  • Plugin and let the percolator go green before light goes green for around 25 minutes.

Large coffee percolators brew every 40-60 seconds at a pace of 1 cup. That means brewing a full 30 cups can take 20-30 minutes, so make sure you prepare ahead so that when you need it, it's available.

Coffee Maker Measurements

Measurements for Coffee Makers. A different method of measuring is used by coffee makers to brew for a crowd than the drip coffee you purchase at coffee shops. In an electronic coffee machine, a 'cup' of coffee is really just 5 ounces of coffee. You can only get 150 ounces of coffee if you fill the whole 30 cup coffee pot, making less than 20 8-ounce cups and only around 12 12-ounce cups. If you're making coffee for a crowd of serious coffee drinkers, taking this into consideration. (read this post about Best 30 Cup Coffee Maker Reviews)


  • If you need to produce far more coffee, very first fill the percolator halfway with cold water to reset the thermostat.
  • Reheat three or a lot more cups of cold coffee inside the percolator by turning it back on.
  • Coffee filters are not essential in high-capacity percolators.
  • These directions generate 30 five 1/2-ounce cups of coffee.