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How to Drain Bunn Coffee Maker

You can safely draining bunn coffee maker in just a few minutes. Keeping a bunn coffee maker clean is essential to maintaining fresh flavor in your brewed coffee. Drain the reservoir for regular coffee maker cleaning or to investigate a problem in the brewing cycle. Bunn coffee makers are available in a variety of sizes and brewing capacities to suit home and commercial applications. Service your Bunn coffee maker by draining the reservoir and replacing it with fresh clean water.
draining a bunn coffee maker

  • Unplug the Bunn coffee maker and place an empty glass coffee decanter on the machine's heater plate.
  • Fill a second decanter with cold water and pour its contents into the reservoir to cool the coffee maker's internal heating element. Give the machine 15 minutes to rest after it has been unplugged and the cold water has been added.
  • Remove the glass coffee decanter from the heater plate and pull out the machine's filter basket. Dump the contents of the decanter and filter basket into a sink and rinse them both under hot running water.
  • Spin the round disc above the brew funnel in a counterclockwise direction until it comes off. This piece is called the sprayhead and it helps to evenly distribute hot water over the coffee grounds.
  • Hold the Bunn coffee maker securely as you turn it upside down over a sink to pour out the contents of the reservoir. Continue to hold the coffee maker upside down until water stops flowing from any part of the machine.
  • Replace the sprayhead by screwing it back on in a clockwise direction. Slide the filter basket and glass coffee decanter back into place and refill the reservoir with clean water.
  • Wait at least 5 minutes before turning the Bunn coffee maker back on after it has been emptied and refilled.