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A Beginner's Guide - How To Make French Press Coffee

Do you love the sweet taste of freshly frothed milk on top of your hot cappuccino? Tired of paying Starbucks costs for your cappuccino fix? The secret to enjoying coffee in your own home would be to produce your own froth. Yes, you could go out and purchase an espresso maker having a milk frother attached, but it is not a particularly affordable choice. Are there other methods to froth milk in your own home that do not cost a fortune?

french press coffee

Battery Powered Milk Frothers

1 of the least costly methods to froth milk in your own home would be to invest in an affordable battery-operated propeller milk frother. These gadgets usually price under twenty bucks and are simple to operate. You merely heat the milk, turn around the frother, and also the propeller attachment spins your milk into a sweet, scrumptious froth. The froth you get utilizing a battery-operated frother won’t have the identical fluffiness as the froth produced by the steam wand on an espresso machine, nor will it hold its shape as long as one; but for the cash you are paying, it functions pretty nicely.

Manual Milk Frothers

An additional affordable choice you are able to use to froth milk in your own home would be to use a manual milk frother. This gadget, which resembles a French Press, consists of a cap having a top that has a manual plunger to pump air into the milk to produce froth. To make use of it, you merely heat the milk within the microwave for 1 minute, place it within the cup, and use the plunger to pump air into the milk. This really functions extremely nicely, even though you might need to pump much more than the suggested number of times to obtain truly creamy froth. They’re just a little bit more costly than battery-operated froth machines at around twenty-five bucks.

Automatic Milk Frothers

If you would like to froth milk in your own home and are willing to spend a bit much more cash, you are able to buy an automatic frother that costs anywhere from fifty to a hundred bucks. To froth milk utilizing this gadget, it is as easy as putting your milk into the frothing unit which looks like a steel coffee pot, and turning on the power. In a few minutes, you’ve got rich, hot, sweet frothed milk without any hassle or mess. The advantage of this set-up is you are able to make a number of servings of frothed milk at once. This means everybody in your household can appreciate a cappuccino!

A final choice, if you would like to froth milk in your own home, would be to use a Magic Bullet mini food processor. This is the identical contraption you see around the T.V. shopping channels. To use the Magic Bullet to froth milk, microwave the milk for thirty seconds within the microwave, add it to the Magic Bullet cup, and spin until frothy. You are able to microwave it again for thirty seconds to make the froth even fluffier.

As you are able to see, you do not require a costly espresso maker or pricey froth machines to obtain scrumptious frothed milk in your own home. These less costly choices could be a nice substitute for coffee shop frothed milk creations.