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Bunn0 Coffee Maker Heating Element - Related Question

Q :Bunn commercial coffee maker plug overheats, no hot water

Our bunn commercial coffe machine only heats water till warm and the plug over heats<

ideas? we think its the element?

A :Most likely this is your heating element, but it could also be your main thermostat

Q :The water is not heated when I put my Bunn coffee maker on

My Bunn coffee maker was stored for about 1 year. I put some water in it and plug it. My model is NHB. I waited 15 minutes but the water didn't heat up and I hear no sound coming from the tank. What do you think is the problem? The element? I plugged it too fast and I burned the element? Can you help me? Can it be repaired?

A :If you plugged it in before water started coming out of the sprayhead (about 2 pots full of water poured in) you might have burnt out your element, But lets start with a simpler answer. Did you check the main burner switch on the side of the tank?
If so, then I would suspect your main heating element

Q :My bunn coffe maker dosent heat up the water i changed the heating element the thermostat seems too be good so what else could it be?

A :Check the inline fuse on the element to the ready light.

Q :Bunn coffee maker heating element wont turn off

A :Thermal fuse is blown. it is located in the top, right rear of the machine in what is now browned tubing. you can either bypass the fuse with a jumper, or get a new part through bunn (800) 352-BUNN (2866)

Q :Why my bunn thermofresh coffee maker makes cold coffee

The coffee maker does not make hot coffee anymore

A :Time for a replacement . they do not sell heating elements

Q :Water doesn't get hot enough. Can the heating elements be replaced?

A :Yes, they can be replaced; however, the element is not available to the public due to BUNN and UL requirements.
BUNN service: 1-800-352-2866

Q :BUNN VPR Overheating

I have a Bunn VPR that overheats consistently. Water will bubbling out the top and through the spray heads after it has been on for about 15 minutes.

Any thought would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

A :Thermostat is either bad or your heating element is bad. Check both and also check for calcium and lime build up