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How to Replace the Light Bulb in a Bunn Coffeemaker

You have to pump two pots of water into the tank to create a cup of coffee after removing the light switch on a commercial Bunn coffee maker. The next pot of coffee will be heated in the tank and the next pot of coffee is made.

bunn coffee maker warmer switch

Before replacing the light bulb, make sure to remove electrical equipment from electrical shocks often before removing the parts.

Coffee makers from Bunn brew the taste of the coffee grounds very easily. On commercial models, the water tank holds hot water with a brewing temperature such that when you dump water into the tank, hot water creates a coffee pot. It just takes a few minutes to finish the instant brewing of the coffee. Home versions don't have a coffee brewing water reservoir system but brew much faster than most coffee brewers. When a Bunn coffee maker has been switched on, the metal plate can be converted into a heated coffee under the cup. There is a light in this switch to indicate the location. If the light no longer shows, the switch is defective and coffee is not hot.

How to Replace the Light Bulb in Your Bunn Coffeemaker

  1. Remove and cool off the Bunn coffee maker.
  2. Take from the warming plates or pots from the coffee pot and place aside.
  3. Hold the coffee maker to the sink and tip it over to lay the water down the sink from the heating reservoir on a commercial model.
  4. Drain the coffee maker's outside with a dry rag.
  5. In the holding ring of the switch, position a small flat screwdriver. The retaining ring is a plastic cover around the "On / Off" hot plate switch on the coffee maker headboard. Take off the holding ring and set it aside.
  6. Place on either side of the turn with one hand a pair of needle-nose pliers. Hold the coffee maker on the other side steady. Pull the needle pins straight out and remove the button with mild power.
  7. Place the new button and press the needle-nose pin to the coffee-making maker.
  8. Put the holding ring over the turn and snap it into place.