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How Much Coffee For 10 Cups

Experienced baristas know how much coffee to use and when to brew. Knowing doses and timings can be a problem for brewing at home. Only preparation and plenty of experience are available. Here we discuss how much coffee for 10 cups to ensure that you know the right amount.

how much coffee for 10 cups

How many tablespoons are needed for 10 cups of coffee?

One cup can contain 1-2 tablespoons of coffee per 6 oz of water. This means that 10-20 teaspoons of ground coffee can be used per 10 6oz cups.

In some coffee shops, the "regular" coffee is an 8 oz cup, and some places sell coffees that are so large that they may be served in buckets. You may be used to drink bigger cups than 6 oz when you're brewing coffee at home. If you drink 8 oz cups of coffee, you can use something like 13-26 tablespoons to make 10 cups.

Some Other Considerations

Coffee is a personal taste, and the right way to make it is the one you like best. Some people like strong coffee, some like weak coffee. Some people add sugar and milk, while others choose black. Adjust to the taste you like best.

The method you choose can affect how much you use per cup. A "tablespoon" is not the right size. It depends on the size of the spoon you use and how much coffee is.

In the US, a "tablespoon" is simply a precise measure of volume. To achieve a more accurate answer, the weight of the coffee we use needs to be measured accurately.

How many cups of coffee in the 12 oz Ground Coffee Bag?

Professional baristas use scales to make specialty coffees, not spoons. The recommended ratio of ground coffee to water is between 55 g and 1l. According to this ratio, a 12 oz coffee bag can give you around 34-36 cups. 

Most people enjoy coffee made with a ratio of about 1-2 tablespoons of coffee per 6oz of water. A 12oz bag of coffee should give you about 34 cups give or take, depending on how strong you prefer to drink it. Taking a tablespoon to mean 5-10g of coffee, this will make you 17-68 cups from a 12oz box of ground.


Coffee is all about personal preference and no one should convince you that the coffee you want is "wrong". I hope this article can answer the question of how much coffee for 10 cups.