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Cleaning Instructions for Bunn My Cafe Pod Brewers

Just before starting any Bunn My Cafe Pod Brewers cleaning procedure, unplug the brewer to avoid the accidental begin a brew cycle. Clean the pod holder, drip tray and drip tray grate following each use, employing a moist cloth and mild detergent and rinse. While using pod holder and drip tray removed, make use of a moist cloth with mild detergent to wipe the place beneath the pod holder and to the drip tray region. Every so frequently, wipe the outside in the brewer getting a moist cloth. (The reservoir, slide lid, pod holder, drip tray and drip tray grate are could it be is it dishwasher secure.) Read also BUNN My Cafe Review

PERIODIC CLEANING/DESCALING (Suggested 1 Or More Occasions monthly.)

Bunn My Cafe Pod Brewers
Periodically, you need to also as descale the brewer to apparent any nutrients that might have accrued because of impurities in water supply. If these deposits aren't removed, they could impair the operation from the brewer minimizing the item existence. There are lots of products accessible for descaling. We advise using URNEX Activated Descaler or JavaClean2 Cleaner and Descaler. (White-colored-colored vinegar enables you to descale in case your descaling technique is unavailable.) Keep to the directions as printed round the producers package.

  1. Fill the reservoir with descaling item as described the manufactures directions, or 1 quart (32 oz.) of white-colored-colored vinegar. Do not add powder mix correct towards the reservoir. Descaling product ought to be mixed in to a answer before it is place in the reservoir).
  2. Convey a apparent pod holder to the brewer. Make particular the holder is locked in place, and hang up the quantity Manage SLIDE LEVER for the maximum position. (12 oz.)
  3. Convey a obvious cup or bowl round the drip tray grate that will hold no much less than 14 oz. of liquid, and press the COFFEE BREW BUTTON to begin a brew cycle.
  4. Once the brew cycle has completed, empty the cup and hang up it towards the drip tray grate. Press the COFFEE BREW BUTTON again to start another brew cycle.
  5. As soon as the brew cycle has finished, empty the cup as well because the remaining answer, or vinegar within the reservoir. Get rid of the Pod Holder clean the reservoir and pod holder totally employing a mild detergent, then rinse.
  6. There is now descaling solution inside the internal tank. Maintain towards the manufactures directions as soon as the answer ought to become left inside the tank for nearly any period of time. For vinegar, allow damaged whipped cream sit not below two, but ignore that four hrs.
  7. Fill the reservoir for the maximum line with fresh clean cold water and set the pod holder in to the brewer.
  8. Location the empty cup or bowl towards the drip tray grate and press the COFFEE BREW BUTTON to start a brew cycle.
  9. When the cycle has finished, empty the cup. Repeat step 7 no much less than two more occasions to get rid of the answer inside the tank.
  10. Clean the pod holder getting a gentle detergent and rinse completely.
  11. Visit the Cleaning The Sprayhead/Seal section.
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  1. Press the energy Switch to the off position.
  2. Unplug the brewer and permit it to awesome lower. (Minimal 1 hour.)
  3. Following a unit remains permitted to amazing, get rid of the pod holder and hang up aside.
  4. Using your fingers, rotate the sprayhead/seal setup clockwise prior to the sprayhead and seal are removed.
  5. As soon as the sprayhead and seal are separated, they should be reassembled simply because they were when removed the brewer.
  6. CAUTION: Improper reassembly might cause injuries from scalding water.
  7. NOTE: See Assembling Sprayhead/Seal and Inspecting Sprayhead Seal situated further lower web page to discover more.
  8. Clean the sprayhead and seal getting a gentle detergent and rinse completely.
  9. Utilizing your fingers, rotate the sprayhead/seal setup counter-clockwise till it is finger tight.
  10. Switch the pod holder.
  11. Connect the brewer and press the power Switch to restore capability to the brewer.
  12. Place decanter on base plate and fasten the brewer. Allow the water inside the tank to attain brewing temperature prior to utilizing (roughly 15 minutes).


As soon as the sprayhead and seal are separated throughout removal or cleaning, they should be reassembled properly.

  1. Discover the top seal. The extremely best seal that seats within the roof within the sprayhead ramp attributes a rough ridge which might be skilled operating your fingers across the top from the seal. The bottom is smooth.
  2. Find out the top sprayhead. The extremely very best sprayhead attributes a star pattern plus a threaded hole exactly where the sprayhead attaches for the brewer.
  3. While carefully stretching the seal, move the sprayhead towards the funnel in the seal. Ensure it's totally inside the funnel.
  4. When correctly come up with, the sprayhead will slide easily towards the funnel in the seal and can not trigger any buckles in the top from the seal. As soon as the sprayhead appears to get hard to seat, and also you also should stretch the seal more than a small tug, the setup isn't together properly.
  5. CAUTION: Improper reassembly might trigger injuries from scalding water.


When disassembling your brewer for cleaning, inspect the sprayhead seal for cracks, tears and holes. Although the seal should go on for an lengthy time, harm can happen through handling.

CAUTION: The seal confines the brand new liquid for the pod holder.

Switch the seal whether or not this becomes broken.


To stop residue create, it might be advantageous to periodically disassemble the pod holder/screen setup and connect it getting a gentle detergent.

  1. Press and retain the POD RELEASE BUTTON while sliding the pod holder out.
  2. Switch the POD HOLDER upside reduce and set the holder cavity inside the palm in the hands.
  3. Employing a little object, press the tab in the POD HOLDER INSERT utilizing the hole towards the finish in the pod holder to eliminate.
  4. Clean the screen and holder employing a mild detergent and rinse. (Could It Be Is It Dishwasher Secure)
  5. Press the insert back using the hole towards the finish within the POD HOLDER.


Once the brewer isn't helpful for an lengthy time, it may be advantageous to cycle your brewer prior to brewing tea or coffee.

  1. Get rid of the reservoir and pod holder within the brewer, clean obtaining a gentle detergent and rinse.
  2. Refill the reservoir for the maximum line.
  3. Insert a apparent pod holder to the brewer.
  4. Set the quantity control lever for the maximum setting.
  5. Convey a bowl or cup round the drip tray grate that will hold no less than 14 oz.
  6. Press the coffee brew button.
  7. When the brew cycle is completed and water drip out has stopped, cautiously eliminate the pod holder and take off any excess water.
  8. CAUTION: Water is hot!
  9. When you are prepared to brew.


Unplug the brewer watching for this to awesome. In scenario your Pod brewer was used, it ought to become stored above 32 F to prevent injury towards the inside water tank. Empty and dry water reservoir prior to storing. NOTE: Water will remain inside the internal tank. If stored with an lengthy time, reference Cycling The Brewer section above before utilizing.