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Keurig K300 v/s K350 – What’s the Difference?

Keurig K300 and K350 are yet another pair of coffee makers that had been released one particular soon after the other. They might appear two diverse for some, the really identical for some other, and confusing for the rest.

What precisely are they? What do they share in frequent and what sets them apart?

Keurig K300 v/s K350 Comparison

keurig k300
keurig k300
Keurig K350
Keurig K350
Brew Sizes 10 sizes 10 sizes
​Water reservoir Removable - 60 ounces Removable - 60 ounces
​Temperature and Strength Control Available Available
Programmability Available Available
K-Carafe Included Included
Charcoal Water Filter Not inlcuded Included

Specs and Aesthetics

Clocking in at ten.4”W x 13.4”D x 13.6”H, each Keurig K300 and K350 have identical dimensions and weigh precisely the same at eight.five pounds.

Which means they may be not merely precisely the same in the outdoors, but in addition in the inside. No extra components have already been incorporated in K350, and that explains the weight.

Dimensions apart, the style may be the really identical also.

In reality all Keurig units share a equivalent design and style. The Keurig logo is placed boastfully on prime on the machines that take a shape exclusive to their brand alone. Only the dimensions along with the manage panels of those units support to distinguish them from 1 yet another.

Range and Taste

Writing about range has tempted me to pause my function and pour myself a flavored cup of Joe in the Keurig lying on my kitchen counter.

The range of coffee has extended turn out to be everyone’s preferred component because it enables coffeeholics to begin daily using a new flavor.

Even much better K300 and K350 are compatible with K-Cup, K-Carafe and K-Mug pods, along with the package involves a carafe to begin with. It might serve as much as four folks at a time and spares you the expense of obtaining to splurge on it separately.

The taste as well as the complete brewing procedure of K300 also, is specifically the identical as its supposedly upgraded version K350.

Had you sampled coffee from each units, you now know why they taste specifically the identical!


Each units function a two.4” black and white LCD touch show as opposed to a standard button manage panel. This guarantees smooth and more quickly operation. In addition they include a digital clock that enables the brewer to become programmed to switch on and off.

So you are able to now ditch your morning alarm altogether and handover your brewer the process of waking you as much as an aroma-filled cup of joe!

The reservoir, alternatively, is detachable and holds as much as 60 ounces of water. You are able to roughly brew about eight cups of coffee ahead of going to get a refill.

Due to the deal with and detachability, refilling the reservoir is simple at the same time.

The translucency in the tank and water-level indicator enable you to constantly maintain an eye around the tank.

What is the Bottom Line?

Keurig has time and once more succeeded in releasing the identical model, however below two distinct names as K300 and K350.

This really is deemed to become among Keurig’s advertising and marketing methods that you simply shouldn’t confuse oneself with. Nonetheless, K300 is no longer in the marketplace, and has solely been replaced by the supposedly upgraded version K350.

This didn’t come as a surprise to us, specially given that they employed to brew exactly the same coffee, irrespective of the distinction in price tag.

And they had been developed and created precisely the same way also. This implies that you wouldn’t have got at the least a longer lifespan, had you bought K350 when K300 was nonetheless accessible.