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West Bend Coffee Maker Instruction

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Instructions for the Westbend 36 Cup Coffee Maker

West bend coffee makers are a great addition to kitchens that prepare the tastiest "American style" coffee. The West Bend Continental Automatic Party Percolator can brew up to 36 cups of coffee. This machine is ideal for family, school, and church functions. This is not a complicated machine to use, and just about anyone can make great coffee in a few minutes.

Features of West Bend Coffee Maker

West bend coffee maker is made from high-quality aluminum fitted with a plastic base. On average, one cup of coffee can be prepared in just one minute. Each coffee maker has an alarm that lets you know when the coffee is ready.

West Bend Coffee Maker Preparation

Before using your coffee maker, it must be washed. Make sure it is no longer connected to power before using it. Rinse and drain the coffee maker before you can use it. The West Bend coffee maker has a built-in scouring pad to clean the stem well. The pot has to be filled with warm sudsy water before it can be used.

Make a Coffee Using West Bend

The West Bend coffee maker can make up to 36 six-ounce cups of coffee. The manual suggests using perk-ground coffee and no less than 12 cups. The coffee maker will stop brewing when it has finished making your coffee. To start making coffee, fill the tank with cold water and place the stem into the well.

Finishing a Brewing Cycle

Unplug the west bend coffee maker and remove the metal stem and basket. The carafe should be washed in the sink with warm, soapy water. Grounds should never be reused, as they can mildew over time. They will not brew as strong a pot of coffee if they are used more than once.