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How to Clean Bunn VPR Coffee Maker?

Bunn VPR Coffee Maker

You have a BUNN VPR coffee maker at your home, workplace, or café. And you don't know how to clean a Bunn VPR series coffee maker? You've come to the correct place. Below are some cleaning instructions for this item.

Bunn is a reliable and popular coffee maker brand. They invented the coffee filter. popular with commercial coffee makers. They make coffee makers for hotels, cafes, etc. But they make home coffee makers.

Bunn VPR coffee makers are simple, reliable, and powerful enough to create wonderful coffee year after year. For optimal performance, clean and maintain this machine on a regular basis.

How do you clean a Bunn VPR Series coffee maker?

Make sure you have distilled water and white vinegar before starting the cleaning cycle. Cleaning requires these items. Follow these steps to clean your Bunn VPR coffee maker.

  1. Turn off the coffee maker. To avoid shock, unplug the machine. Let your coffee maker cool down before cleaning it.
  2. Then, clean the machine's exterior with clean water, mild detergent, and a wet towel. Wipe the machine dry after cleaning.
  3. Take the brew funnel out of the machine.By hand, wash and sanitize the brew funnel with clean water.
  4. Finally, take the spray head out of the machine.Clean the spray head tube. Wash the spray head with water and mild detergent. delime the spray head before cleaning it.
  5. You don't need to know how to use the deliming tool. We'll explain the dremel tool later.
  6. Using the deliming spring tool, clean the machine's waterline.Insert a deliming spring into the coffee maker spray head tube and repeat.
  7. Fill the water reservoir with distilled water and white vinegar. Start brewing. Your machine should be cooled down first. The cycle takes 1 hour after your machine starts. When clean cycling is complete, empty and clean the carafe.
  8. The first brew cleaning cycle is completed. Now brew again. Again, fill the water reservoir with distilled water and operate the machine for 5-8 minutes. And clean the water tank. It removes vinegar odors and solutions from the water reservoir.

How to Use a Deliming Tool

A deliming tool removes lime from the spray head. This tool is used to clean the spray head openings. To remove stubborn deposits, turn the deliming tool head multiple times into the spray head holes.

Instead of a deliming tool, use a toothpick. A deliming tool helps you clean your machine efficiently.


The Bunn VPR Series Coffee Maker is an outstanding coffee maker. Clean the machine for long-term use. These steps should help you clean your machine.