How to Make Coffee in a 30-Cup Percolator

By jeko011  |  Tuesday, February 13, 2018

High-capacity percolators will be the only approach to go when when brewing coffee to get a crowd. All coffee percolators function around the very same principle, so there is consistency with brewing guidelines amongst brands. You'll need about 3/4 cups of ground coffee for each and every 12 cups or regular-strength coffee, with 12 cups becoming the minimum quantity necessary for the percolator to brew. Start off brewing the coffee a minimum of 1 hour just before you intend to serve it.

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Take away the filter basket and stem in the percolator. Fill the percolator towards the 30-cup mark with cold water from a sink tap in the event you have access to a banquet hall sink. At residence, load the percolator having a huge pitcher.

Insert the wide finish on the stem inside the bottom of percolator. Attach the filter basket for the prime from the stem. Moisten the bottom in the filter basket with water.

Add ground coffee towards the filter basket. Use 1 3/4 cups for regular-strength coffee; use two cups for powerful coffee; use two 1/2 cups for double strength. Use typical coffeemaker coffee or grind your very own beans to medium coarseness.

Location the lid around the percolator and take it for the serving table. Plug within the percolator. When the percolator has an ON switch, turn it on.

Wait 1 hour for the coffee to brew just before serving. Eliminate the filter basket just before serving the coffee to stop bitter oils from dripping into it.

Unplug the percolator when you happen to be completed serving. Let the percolator cool for 1 hour with all the lid off just before cleaning.


  • If you need to produce far more coffee, very first fill the percolator halfway with cold water to reset the thermostat.
  • Reheat three or a lot more cups of cold coffee inside the percolator by turning it back on.
  • Coffee filters are not essential in high-capacity percolators.
  • These directions generate 30 five 1/2-ounce cups of coffee.

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