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Bunn Heat and Brew | Programmable Coffee Maker Review

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Bunn HB Heat N Brew Programmable Coffee Maker is programmable, which makes it unique. It features a digital clock that can start brewing before you wake up. It's the only Bunn coffee maker with this feature. The warming plate turns on during brewing and turns off after 2 hours. The Bunn Heat and Brew is a Specialty Coffee Association certified home brewer.

Bunn Heat and Brew Review

In addition to being SCAA-certified, the Bunn HB Heat N Brew Programmable Coffee Maker is dishwasher safe (rare for coffee makers) and has cool extra features like a spray head that uniformly showers your grinds in water to maximize taste.

Features of BUNN Heat and Brew Coffee Maker:

  • SCA accredited coffee maker that brews great coffee at an optimum temperature of between 197.6o F and 204.8o F.
  • Commercial style, a lime-tolerant 6-stream spray-head design that saturates coffee ground completely to extract full flavor.
  • Maintains the optimum time of touch between the water and the coffee grounds for proper extraction.
  • Digital programmable auto-start clock.
  • The digital display shows you indications for each level of coffee brewing.
  • Brew up to 10 cups (50 oz) of coffee in 6 to 10 minutes.
  • Does not have a reservoir of water. Simply fill the tank with the amount of coffee you want to brew.
  • Drip-free construction of a glass carafe.
  • The automatic heating plate is turned on when brewing and turned off after 2 hours.

What’s New In The BUNN Heat and Brew Coffee Maker?

The Bunn Heat and Brew has a digital clock and displays to show the different phases of the brewing process. The unit can be set up to start brewing automatically at any time. A pause and pour feature that helps you to pause the brewing period until it finishes is also lacking.

Brewing Stages of BUNN Heat and Brew Coffee Maker:

Bunn Programmable Coffee maker uses the Heat N Release technology. Water is heated to meet with the SCA guidelines. 6-stream spray discharges water in such a manner as to ensure that all the coffee grounds are completely coated and soaked in water. The valve opens to start the brewing process only after the water has reached 197.6 F.

Dimensions and Materials

The coffee maker is slightly higher than the typical one. It's got a plastic body and some metal accents. The heating plate will hold temperatures between 176 and 185 ° F for 2 hours before shutting down automatically. The included carafe has a size of 50 oz. Both plastic materials are BPA-Free. The machine weighs 8.5 pounds.


No Pause and Pour feature – it's still absent from all Bunn machines. taller than the average coffee maker. No Bloom (Pre-infusion) stage – it's not as critical a stage for everybody. Blooming is a move that degasses freshly ground coffee beans for even more flavor to your cup. The Bunn Heat and Brew is manufactured by Bunn, which is also a common brand of Brixton coffee makers. The machine is retailing for $39.99.

The Bunn HB Heat N Brew Programmable Coffee Maker isn't the most visually appealing coffee maker, and it's not cheap. Want a machine that can make great coffee or one that looks good on your counter? Price? You need to budget for a good cup.