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BUNN My Cafe Single Serve Pod Brewer Overview

For anybody planning to purchase a house coffee maker the BUNN My Cafe single cup coffee maker is one to keep a close eye on. BUNN are a well developed business that produces a great deal of devices for the hospitality sector, the offer quality that is developed to last.

The BUNN MCU lets you brew a fantastic tasting coffee or tea utilizing single cup K-Cups, tea cases, tea bags as well as loose tea.

Continue checking out to see why we believe this single serve shuck maker is worthy of a put on your cooking area counter.

BUNN My Cafe Design

BUNN My Cafe
As far as the constraint goes the BUNN MCU may not look like to most appealing coffee maker, other household kitchen devices have shiny surfaces and streamlined rounded designs, however not the My Cafe.

To be sincere the BUNN coffee maker is not constructed for appearances and I believe its appearances was most likely at the bottom of the list when it concerned producing this system, however do not let the appearances deceive you.

The BUNN My Cafe is simply generally metal and plastic, look in other places if you desire more modern appearances from your house devices.

The BUNN MCU includes a set of removable developing heads that move in and out of the device and this little coffee maker can brew virtually anything tossed at it like tea cases, coffee sheaths, as well as loose tea. It has a developing drawer for teabags and coffee husks and another drawer for ground coffee. If required, and you can even simply get hold of some hot water.

It's this kind of versatility that makes the BUNN absolutely unparalleled by other single-serving coffee maker in this rate wide range and is likewise why it is among the leading coffee makers in the hotels and dining establishments around the globe.

Unlike a few of the other coffee makers in the market that seem like they'll break down and the smallest nudge the BUNN is a strong system with a basic, compact design that feels long lasting and rugged in every method, this robust building is a significant plus

Bunn My Cafe - Use

Running the Bunn My Cafe is extremely simple, you'll discover no complicated buttons and knobs right here there are simply 2 buttons: the brew button, and a "pulse" button.

The "pulse" button enables you to brew your coffee gradually using regulated bursts to enhance the high time and enhance the taste. Switching on the coffee maker is likewise easy simply plug it in and await the indication light to alter from red to green.

Unlike other coffee makers the BUNN MCU does not keep additional water which is an excellent trade off as far as we are worried viewing as you're are getting a genuine compact coffee maker in return. All you have to do is put in the water prior to each cup you brew, no biggie?

Making a brew is likewise incredibly simple each of the drawers include mesh so simply drop in your preferred ground coffee, slide the drawer back in and you're all set. This coffee machine is developed to likewise make use of the coffee husks and K-Cups which are ending up being more and more popular with coffee enthusiasts. Whatever developing technique you choose your drink will just brew with a touch of a button, like we stated it truly is very simple to utilize this device.

When you have actually completed tidying up is simple too, simply discard put your utilized coffee premises and take the shell or K-Cup and provide the system a fast rinse with water to eliminate and remaining coffee.


Not just is the BUNN My Cafe single cup coffee maker simple to utilize, it's quickly too. An 8-ounce cup of coffee just takes around 15 to 20 seconds. This speed is in fact faster than other coffee makers we have actually checked to this day, so hats off the BUNN for drawing it off.

We have hardly any to whine about when it concerns the efficiency of the BUNN My Cafe, it carried out well at anything we tossed at it and the "pulse" function worked truly well when developing ground coffee.

Unlike other single cup coffee makers the BUNN My Café does not have a temperature level control so make certain you let your coffee cool for a minute prior to taking that very first sip.

The Bunn My Cafe is a little noisier than the other coffee makers we have actually attempted and checked and the device does an excellent task of pressing water through the device and completion of each cycle which truly assists to remove the pipelines.

Cleaning and Maintenance

When you initially unpack your brand-new BUNN coffee maker you will certainly need to run one cycle making use of simply water to make certain you eliminate any unwanted dust or dirt.

When it concerns cleaning this coffee maker it is very simple too as pointed out earlier the metal base of the BUNN quickly wipes clean as well as raises out so you can clear the drip and eliminate tray concealing beneath. All the detachable parts like the drip tray, drawers are dishwasher safe.

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Service and Support

One of the included advantages of owing the BUNN My Cafe single serve pod maker is the a two-year restricted service warranty, and warrants any replacement system for 2 years.


It may not be the most appealing coffee maker out there however this is truly among the very best coffee machines we have actually examined and test, and I in fact have one rested on my household kitchen counter.

The construct quality is the very same as you'll discover with a commercial coffee maker, it's developed to last! And with the versatility you have with the BUNN My Cafe from developing loose coffee to tea and K-Cups truly offers you a value and the 2 year guarantee is simply icing on the cake.

It's the coffee machine for routine daily coffee enthusiasts and particularly for any of you that are unsure if K-Cups are best for you and hesitate to desert fresh premises.

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