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Ways to Keep Bunn Coffee machine Pot From Overruning or Not Filling Far Enough by Changing the Water Level

This post works best for the Bunn CW Series coffee machine that has the brew water coming straight from a plumbed water source. Simply puts, your maker has a water line that links to your plumbing and draws that water from your plumbing.

If the water pressure feeding into your coffee maker is too high, you stand a possibility of the coffee overruning the pot prior to it instantly turns off. If water pressure running into your coffee maker is too low, you'll just have a half complete pot of coffee when your water turns off.

if You Are Trying to Increase The Water Volume in the Brew Pot

if your water is not filling up far enough in your Bunn device.. Attempt these steps.

  • With the Bunn system power device switched on, not actively developing however "On." Make certain there is an EMPTY coffee pot on the burner underneath the maker to apprehend the water.
  • Try to find the "Start" Switch. This is the black switch that lies towards the top of the front face of the system.
  • Press down the black switch and hold it till 3 clicks are heard. The clicks are type of like pulses that you'll hear and feel.
  • When you hear the clicks take your finger off the switch immediately. (Holding the switch for more than a couple seconds AFTER the 3 clicks will certainly begin the entire procedure over).
  • After you launch the switch, then push it down once again. Each time you push the button informs the maker to let the coffee run into the pot for 2 more seconds.
  • I recommend not making use of any coffee beans at this point. See how far the water increases in the pot. I recommend doing this without coffee so you do not lose coffee on trial and mistake, plus it is simpler clean up if it all spills over.

if You Are Trying to Decrease the Amount of Water in the Coffee Pot.

Do not have it actively making a pot of coffee, simply be sure the power is on like it usually is. Be sure there is an EMPTY coffee pot on the burner underneath the maker to apprehend the water.

Find the "Start" button. This button is black and lies towards the top of the front faceplate with other switches and a light on it.

Press the "Start" button when for every 2 seconds you desire taken off the time the water will certainly pour. If you desire to take 4 seconds off the quantity of time you desire the water run, push the button two times (2 presses x 2 seconds = 4 less seconds of water running.

When you are done picking the quantity of time you wish to remove, press and hold the "Start" button down up until you hear 3 clicks. When enhancing water pressure), (Note that this is the specific reverse of the you would do.

I 'd recommend doing this without utilizing coffee so you do not lose coffee throughout this trial and mistake procedure. If the pot in some way overruns, water is less of a mess than coffee.

if None of the Above Seems to Be Working.

Essentially the coffee device can be set up so that no one can change the water level. In other words, you can disable the water volume level controls.

I need to be sincere right here, I've never ever done this certain repair. Everything else you've checked out up until now, I have actually done a great deal of, other than this. I feel in one's bones it from talking with a Bunn specialist.

Call an expert or do it at your own danger if you are not sure the you are doing right here.

This ought to make it possible for the device to enable you to change the settings Here's exactly what I was informed, however I've never ever done:.

  • See the panel I have my hand on? Eliminate this panel by loosening the screws.
  • Look inside the device. There need to be a switch (or a 'microswitch' as the tech called it) on the much lower ideal side.

If you are having issues it is most likely that this switch is set to "Lock" or in the "Lock" position. If it is, alter the switch to the "Set" position. This will certainly permit you to set various water volume levels.

I hope that assists!