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This Alarm Clock Will Make Your Coffee For You

Someday, I hope to be as rich as Tommy Lee and have my own Starbucks in my house, but until then I still have to actually get up and go to the coffee shop like a gosh darn Jane Austen character to get my morning brew. Here’s a fitting compromise — a hybrid alarm clock/coffee maker that looks like it came straight out of Pride and Prejudice. Well, except for the digital display, I guess.

The Barisieur is a miracle machine designed by Joshua Renouf, and it could be a game changer for people who hate mornings. It will boil the water, pour it over your grinds, keep your cream or milk cool, and corral your sugar. This totally sounds like something the dad in Honey I Shrunk the Kids would invent and we are all about it.

When chatting about the Barisieur with Sir Richard Branson, Renouf said, “I’m just so excited to finally be able get the Barisieur into people’s homes. It’s been such an incredible journey so far, and it is hopefully about to get a lot more interesting. It’s a crazily exciting and nerve-wracking time for me. I was inspired by my research into the psychology behind sleep and relaxation, and how ritual and stimulation can help create the right environment for rest. We have worked continuously to refine the design, for the perfect quality product, and now here it is.” He had us at getting the thing into our homes.

If you keep it on your bedside you literally can have your morning coffee before your feet even touch the ground! Unsurprisingly, the Barisieur had a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign earlier this summer. You can still nab one for $300 on Indiegogo, but be warned, you still have many difficult mornings ahead of you — units ordered now aren’t expected to ship until September 2017.