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Bunn airpot replacement parts

Bunn Airpot Lid Assembly
Bunn Airpot Lid Assembly (for Stainless Lever Action 2.5L, 3.0L, 3.8L) - 35090.0000

Is your Bunn lever-action airpot not pumping? Chances are the spring and/or baffles inside the lid of the airpot are shot. This type of problem is very difficult to repair, so it's often best to just buy a new airpot or get this replacement lid. If you're like us, your airpot gets a lot of use from caffeine crazed coffee drinkers in your office. Might be a good idea to have one of these on hand even if your isn't broken.

Bunn Stem Assembly
Bunn Stem Assembly for 3.8L Stainless Airpots - 35091.0002

This is the tube that fits inside your airpot, through which coffee is drawn when the lever on your airpot lid is pressed.

If your stem is missing, bent, or worn, it's time to replace this item. This part fits the Bunn 3.8 Liter Airpot only. If your stem assembly appears to be in good shape, but your airpot will not pump coffee, it's more likely that you need a replacement lid (the same lid assembly will fit all sizes of Bunn stainless-lined airpots).

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