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Death Wish vs Black Insomnia Coffee

Black Insomnia Coffee is actually a brand of coffee from South Africa, who now claim to possess the "world's strongest cup of coffee".

Nevertheless, they're neck and neck with Death Want Coffee plus a handful of other brands featured right here.

A 12 fl oz cup of Death Want averages about 728 mg although the identical volume of Black Insomnia Coffee averages about 702 mg. (Much more current lab tests carried out by Black Insomnia challenge Death Wish's 728 mg claim)
Death Wish vs Black Insomnia Coffee

Like its competitor, Black Insomnia makes use of robusta coffee beans but has sourced robusta beans which have the highest levels of caffeine.

This coffee ought to be utilised with caution and only by men and women that have a higher tolerance to caffeine. Just one particular 12 fl oz cup is virtually double the advisable protected day-to-day dose of caffeine the typical adult ought to consume.

Despite the fact that this brand began in South Africa, it will likely be offered within the US, Europe, and Australia quickly.